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Services Provided by AEI

  • File all necessary petitions for client before the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) - generally, the deadline for filing petitions before the VAB in Broward & Dade Counties falls in the third week of September; petition filing is preceded by the assessment notices which are mailed out by the Property Appraiser's office in mid to late August every year
  • Research & analyze subject properties utilizing on-line real estate systems as well as subscribed trade journals, publications etc.
  • Photograph and inspect the subject properties looking for key discrepancies that may not be picked up by the Property Appraiser's office
  • Photograph and investigate comparable market sales to be included in market analysis
  • Develop income approach, utilizing local market rent comparables, vacancy factors and other pertinent market conditions
  • Prepare in depth analysis with accompanying schedules, plat maps, photographs and other important evidence to be used in combatting the Property Appraiser's current assessment
  • Negotiate as many cases as possible with the Property Appraiser's office before they are scheduled to be heard by the Value Adjustment Board
  • If necessary, argue these well developed cases before the Special Magistrate (appointed by the Value Adjustment Board)
  • If necessary, assist clients in receiving their refund check (or reduced tax bill) from the Tax Collector's office
  • We bill our clients on a very fair contingency fee basis, if and only if we are successful in achieving a tax reduction